We automate reporting
on Alternative Investments

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You need an upgrade

Demand for Alts has outgrown the capacity for your back office to rely on manual data entry.

The Pantenix Artificial Intelligence platform turns statement reconciliation from an 8 hour process into just 5 minutes and eliminates manual data entry.

1. Setup

Our setup is very easy, your team is just 10 days away from completely eliminating all manual data entry around alternative investments.

2. Upload

Your team can parse client data whenever they need. You can even give us historical statements for audit or correction purposes.

3. Grow

We give you a file of transactions to upload, compatible with any Portfolio Management Software. You get back to important tasks that keep your advisory practice running smoothly.


Virtually all investment advisors will see cost savings on Pantenix compared to performing in house or outsource manual data entry.

Easy Onboarding

We can typically set up your Pantenix environment and train your staff within 10 days of sign up.


We use the highest industry security protocols and all Pantenix customers have isolated cloud environments.


No matter which Portfolio Management System you use, we output a file you can immediately use

Fast Processing

Stop wasting time on data entry or waiting for outsource teams. With Pantenix input client data as soon as you want, whenever you want.

Bill Faster

Faster reconciliation means faster billing. Stop waiting to bill clients or billing clients twice for the same quarter.

Data Integrity

Upload transactions directly into your Portfolio Management System to guarantee Alt transactions are properly categorized and coded.

Our Promise

We guarantee you won't be thinking about any other solution after you start with us. Your entire operations process will improve by streamlining how you handle alternative investment products.


We guarantee Pantenix will save your entire organization time from data entry and waiting for outsource solutions to do manual entry for you.


We guarantee your team has the final say on what is put into your Portfolio Management System. The data we read off statements can be spot checked and changed right inside our platform by your operations team.


We guarantee your satisfaction with our product and customer service. If you are not satisfied for any reason you can cancel, anytime.