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The Pantenix AI-driven platform uses intelligent content extraction to automatically convert PDF documents into a format compatible with any portfolio accounting system.

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Why Pantenix?

We realized the need for a better solution to enable firms to seamlessly collect and validate data from alternative investments, ensuring accurate reconciliation and reporting.

Save Time

Modernize the way your firm collects and works with multiple types of alternative investment PDF’s by utilizing our AI platform- saving operations team countless hours.

Streamline Operations

Use our machine learning platform to increase operational efficiencies & reduce manual, error prone data entry to systematically manage alternative investments.

Drive Growth

Grow your firm, not your headcount. Unleash back-office efficiencies by freeing up your Operations team’s time from low value data manipulation to supporting strategic initiatives.

How Does It Work?

Pantenix uses advanced OCR technology and an algorithmic multi-step analytic process to intelligently & accurately extract data from any PDF document, then automate the manual data entry your operations team performs when it comes to managing alternative investments.

It Starts with Mapping

Our simple workflow walks you through a one-time mapping process to properly associate the correct fields from any PDF document to prepare for data extraction.

Extract Data

After mapping the fields within a PDF, the platform gets to work using statistical analytic techniques (fuzzy logic, anomaly detection, & algorithms) to properly extract the data in preparation for creating your output file.

Transform Data

Review the output and generate an export file (.xlsx, .csv, .trn) which can be directly imported into your account system, allowing for a more complete picture of your clients whole portfolio of assets.

Safe and Secure

We leverage elastic cloud scalability, multi-instance data security, and deploy the same 256-bit encryption and physical security as the top financial institutions. Our highly secure technology is built and managed in Amazon AWS®.

Time is Money.
Pantenix Saves You Both.

Contact us to learn how Pantenix will supercharge how your firm deals with alternative investment documents.

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