What Portfolio Accounting Systems does Pantenix export to?

We export to all portfolio account systems including Black Diamond®, Orion®, Tamarac®, Advent Portfolio Exchange® as well as proprietary formats with custom columns.

What file formats can Pantenix export to?

We can export to Excel and CSV. We can also export to Advent Portfolio Exchange® Trade Blotter (.trn) as well.

Can Pantenix process our firm’s custom activity types?

Yes Pantenix has the ability to process and extract custom activity types from PDF statements you provide. You have complete control to create and edit how custom activity types populate in your export.

How does support work for Pantenix?

You can reach out to our support email at any time for any questions you have about using our system.

How do you ensure availability of Pantenix?

We host our application through Amazon Web Services® to ensure uptime, speed and availability of our service.

What is the best way to learn more about Pantenix?

Click here to schedule a demo and we will be in touch to share more.